SAP Client Registration with Xoxoday for Stores Redemption

This document discusses the technical details of how SAP integration is done with Xoxoday.

Step 1: Account Creation

Once you have reset your password, you can log in to your Xoxoday plum account.

Step 2: Plum Admin Dashboard Redirection

Upon landing onto the storefront, one has to click on the "Switch to Admin" option from the dropdown upon clicking onto the profile.

Step 3: Configure SAP

On the left menu, you can click on the "manage integration", option, then search for SAP Successfactors and click on configure.

Step 4: Add API details

In this step, you will be asked to fill in the following details:

  • SAP Username
  • Company ID
  • API Key
  • Private Key
  • Base URL
These pieces of information have to be taken from the SAP side, in case of any doubt, you can refer to the hyperlinks attached with each field.
Upon filling in the data, you can click on the "Verify and Proceed" button. On successful verification, you will get the message on the button as "Verification Successful" and you will be taken to the next step.

Step 5: Upload SAML Metadata

In this step, you have to upload the SAML Metadata, you can refer to the hyperlink on the dashboard to get the SAML metadata for your SAP account.
Note: Only XML file is allowed.
You can upload the metadata by clicking on the "Upload IDP Metadata" button.

Step 6: Raising Ticket with the SAP Team with Xoxoday Code.

Upon successfully uploading the metadata, additional information is shown on the screen, In this step, you have to raise a ticket with SAP SF technical support team with the code shown on the screen. You have to share the Assertion consumer service URL and Logout URL with them to proceed with the next step.
Finally, click on the "Next Button".

Step 7: Test Login

Once you get confirmation from the SAP team that both the URLs are added, In the final step, you have to test the login to successfully configuring SAP with Xoxoday plum.
After clicking on test login, you will be redirected to the SAP login page where you have to login into your SAP account.
After successfully login into your SAP account you will be redirected back to the plum admin dashboard with the pop-up message showing "Test login successful".

Step 8: Configuring Redemption at SAP platform

To enable Plum rewards for reward points redemption in your SAP Successfactors account, follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Navigate to the Admin Center.
  • Enter Reward and Recognition in the Tool Search box.
  • Select the Manage Redemption Options tile.
  • Select the Add New tile. You also edit any existing tiles by selecting them.
Fill in the fields as appropriate. Tile Name, Partner, and URL are all required fields.
Field Name
Tile Name
Enter the name that the system displays on the tile.
Describe the nature of the redemption. For example, is this providing a gift card or an experience? For which companies? What are the general options for redemption?
Select Browse to find and select an image displayed on the tile with Tile Name.
Enter Xoxoday.
Dynamic Group
From the pulldown menu, select the group to which this redemption option applies. Only employees that belong to this group see this tile when they go to redeem awarded points.
Enter the URL where the system directs employees when choosing the tile.
When you’re done, select Save.
The configuration is complete, you can get started with Xoxoday plum + SAP Successfactor integration.
To learn more about the redemption procedure, refer to this link.