Types of Companies
This covers details on the different types of companies that use Plum.

What are the two types of companies currently using Plum?

  1. 1.
    Hierarchical (more commonly addressed as multi-admin).
  2. 2.
    Non - hierarchical (more widely addressed as non-multi admin).

What are some of the key differences between these two types of companies?

Feature / Specifics
Hierarchical (a.k.a Multiadmin)
Non- Hierarchical (a.k.a Non-Multiadmin)
Basic Functioning
Super admin oversees all rewards.
Only Super admin can recharge and set a budget threshold for admins to spend on rewarding.
Admins added by super admins can perform restricted actions related to rewarding.
They get one common wallet for the account.
Each admin oversees rewards for their group even though the account is the same.
Individual admins only have complete control over their individual wallets.
Multiple wallets, each managed (recharge and rewarding) by separate admins. There is no super admin who oversees the entire account.
Can add multiple admins
Yes. (Super admin can add from the admin frontend, and developer can add from the backend)
- First, the super admin must be added during account creation.
Yes. (Admin can add from the frontend, and the developer can add from the backend)
- The first admin must be added during account creation.
Common Company Wallet
Yes. Every admin can set up rewards only from this wallet.
No. Each admin maintains their own wallet.
Concept of Super - admin
Yes. (Super admin can see all transactions and can recharge; admins can only reward)
No. Each admin can see only their own transactions.
Threshold limit
Yes. Super admin sets limits for admins.
No. Each admin is responsible for their own wallet.
Reports with Filters
Yes. Super admin can see reports for the entire account. Admins, on the other hand, can only see their rewarding reports.
Yes. Admins can see reports only for their own recharge and rewards.
Reports Structure (same/different)
- Payments report (Visible only to the super admin)
- Super admin can see Xoxo code history/ Xoxo points history of all admins (Filter by admin name)
- Admins can see history only for their individual Xoxo Points/ Xoxo Code (Filter by admin name not available)
Payment History, Xoxo Code /Xoxo Points history visible to every admin, but only for their individual transactions
Cancel / Resend options
Transfer of funds
No (one common wallet available)
Yes (one admin can transfer all funds to another admin)
Addition of admins
Super admin can add admins but an admin cannot add another admin.
Any admin can add another admin.
Xoxo Links
No. (Not available for non-multi admin companies)
3rd party integrations (SAP)
Plum Pro Bulk Upload
Default Expiry
One year for both Xoxo points and Xoxo codes
One year for both Xoxo points and Xoxo codes.