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Launch Mailer Content:


Template 1:

Hello Team,

We are proud of every contribution that you put in to mark our journey each day!

To recognize your positive contribution, craft in a culture of appreciation and build a seamless &
transparent relationship to give you an amazing employee experience at [COMPANY], we are excited to
introduce Empuls-‘________’ (Program Name)

Empuls will help us connect, collaborate, celebrate milestones, appreciate your fellow peers for their
valued efforts all under one unified hub. Now, when you see someone exhibiting our values- being bold,
authentic, passionate, making a difference, or simply delivering great results, you can recognize them
right away.

It’s instant, on the fly, unlimited and global. You can recognize an individual or an entire team.
And it all works right from our intranet- Empuls

A platform for you to share stories, celebrate wins, fun contests, and say thanks on a daily basis.
Looking forward to building a happy workforce.

With warm regards,
HR Team

Template 2:

Hi team!

We think you’re amazing and we want to recognize you for the meaningful contributions you’re making to
[COMPANY] every day. That's why we've decided to launch Empuls!

With Empuls, everyone can stay connected, collaborate, share ideas, celebrate milestones, success, and
publicly recognize, congratulate, give kudos, and appreciations on the fly.

On [LAUNCH DATE], you will receive an email inviting you to join Empuls.

Connect, collaborate, share ideas, appreciate, and celebrate success in real-time. We think you’ll love
staying socially connected under one hub and giving recognition that is candid, social, and expressive!

We’re looking forward to building a culture of recognition together.

With warm regards,
HR Team


Launch Posters:

1. Pre-launch Poster | Source File



2. Introducing Empuls | Source File



3. Introducing Empuls | Source File



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6. Launch Poster | Source File



7. What can you do on Empuls? | Source File



8. What can you do on Empuls? 



10. Never miss an announcement | Source File



11. Did that idea work? | Source File



12. Recognize..Reward..Repeat!! | Source File



13. Why solve problems alone? | Source File



14. Want to be heard? Feel valued? | Source File



15. Catalog Options



16. Catalog options 



17. Building in a Happy Culture | Source File



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