How can we bring in user adoption?

Following are the most important ways to drive adoption:


Business stakeholder buy-in:

Business stakeholders (HRs, Admins, Top level Managers, etc) should be aware of the tool, start actively engaging using the tool and should be committed to these changes - since this is more of a cultural change. They should - educate, train and enable the mid level management - who in turn should drive this change. This would automatically create an active base of employees who engage on the platform consistently. 

Build a team of system ambassadors: The employees who are actively engaged on the platform from the ‘Stakeholder buy-in’ initiative, can be appointed as ambassadors of the platform. They can further be given roles of driving and motivating a smaller set of people to actively participate on the platform discussions. This group of people can also help train others on how to use the platform. The improvements in the user adoption need to be constantly monitored. Post implementation, the Customer Success Manager should be able to help you monitor and help improve your user adoption.

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