Compass Mobile App

User Login

User accounts can only be created by an admin for the staff/ partners of the respective organization. As soon as a profile is created the partner receives an e-mail containing the Playstore link to download the Xoxoday Compass app. They can login using mobile number/ email/ Single Sign On, based on a predefined login preference for their respective organizations.

User Profile

Profile can be accessed from the menu on the top left hand corner. The profile picture is displayed on top with the user name on the right hand side of the picture. Profile details can be viewed by tapping on this section. This section consists of the following:

Logout: This option is placed in the top-right menu of the profile details section.
Contact Details: Users can view contact details and membership in this section.
View Profile Picture: Users can tap on the image to view it on full screen.
Edit Profile Picture: Users can tap on the camera icon on the image area to update their profile picture either by clicking one or selecting from the gallery.

Home Page

Home page is the default screen of the Compass account. The home page has 3 sections. Section 1 is the banner on top, Section 2 in the middle displays points balance as well as games based on the user’s most recent activity, Section 3 on the bottom contains groups that a user is or can be a member of. The menu button on the top left contains the options containing profile details, a button to redeem points, contact support and more.


Home Page Banner

For branding of the client organization, a banner displays on the top of the home page. Partners can tap on it to visit the respective website.

Points & Payments

This button is present in the menu. It is also present on the home page below the banner by the name of ‘Your balance’.

The current balance of points earned is displayed here. In this section, the partner could view the total earned and redeemed points, and also redeem the remaining points.

  • Approved Points

It shows the total earned points so far.

  • Redeemed Points

This section displays where and how many points have been redeemed by the partner in the past.

  • Redeem Now

This button takes the user to the Xoxoday marketplace webpage where they could make a purchase using the points.



Games are programs that are built over rules that govern the milestones. Every game is specific to duration, target and partners. Active games are displayed in section 2 of the home page. These are listed in sequence of most recent performance activity. They could be either active or historical in nature.
Details on each game can be viewed by clicking on the respective tab for that game.

  • Performance Indicator

This section displays real time details for a user with respect to a specific game. It displays the current score of points earned, achievement status, completion status, timestamp of the last update, and the time remaining for the game to end. A game moves to completion as soon as the total points specified in it are achieved.

  • Dashboard

This is a visualization meant to be configured by the admin and viewed by the admin/ partner or both. The metrics that can be chosen to display in a graphical manner are selected from the complete data associated with each game.



  • Program Details

This button appears in the top right menu of the game details page. It displays elementary details about the game – about, eligibility criteria and program duration


Groups in Compass are unique to organizations a partner is employed with. They enable the employees of a given organization to seamlessly communicate and collaborate. An admin can create work groups and interest-based groups. Partners can use these groups to engage in meaningful conversations and manage tasks, documents and issues.

This is part of section 3 of the home page. It displays all groups a partner is member of.

Below given are the steps to effectively use the Groups function:

View All

  • My Groups

These are groups a partner is a member of. They can filter and search for conversations. Group Info can be viewed by clicking on the top right menu. New posts can be created by clicking the floating button on the bottom left. Creation of posts can be done by the admin. End users can also make posts if the permission is configured by the admin.

  • Other Groups

The actions that can be performed in groups that are visible but user is not a member of are - Join, Search, View Group Info.

R&R Program Details

This button is present in the menu. It displays all games – active and historical - in one place within separate tabs.

  • Active

The contents of this section comprise of performance indicator, dashboard and program details. The elaboration has been made in the Games section of this documentation.

  • History

This section displays program details only. Details can be viewed in the Games section of this documentation.


The bell icon :bell+: on the top right takes the user to latest updates that are received in the form of notifications. These could be related to groups and games they are a part of.


Contact Support

This option is present at the bottom of the menu. It takes users to the Xoxoday Compass FAQs webpage where they can search for their queries using keywords.

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