Automated Gifting

Automated gifts & greetings are ideal for automating the action of sending wishes on any significant personal and professional milestones reached by the users of the platform. A super admin can create greeting automation targeted to a specific group of individuals based on birthdays, anniversaries, new joining, etc. The recipients will receive the greetings on the specified dates.

Automated greetings

Greetings for specific events (birthday, onboarding, work anniversary) can be scheduled here.

The automated greeting is a gifting tool used for setting up a system where the employees are gifted on the birthdays, work anniversaries etc.

*Rule for creating automatic greetings: The Automatic greetings are owned by a single super admin that means the person who will be creating the automated greeting will be the one from whom the points will be deducted. This is true for all The Automatic greetings.

Step 1: Automatic greetings have a common way of creation. While creating any automatic gift the user must select an image, write down the message title, write down the message body and if is there are points associated then add the points.

Step 2: Clicking on next will give me the preview of the mail that will be sent to the users if there are any changes or if you want to preview the mail there is an option of sending a test mail the bottom left of the mail preview.

Step 3: Then after this page, the super admin is asked to select the audience who will be receiving this gift.


Instant greetings

Greetings can be drafted here for ad hoc events.

Instant gifts are similar to automatic greetings with similar kind of form but the only difference lies in the distribution of automatic greetings. The super admins set the gift once then the system sends out the gift on a periodic basis according to the event whereas instant gifts the gifts are sent to the users on the discretion of the super admins. These events are nonperiodic and can occur once for example being a parent, winning a contest, getting married etc.

To send this gift, there are multiple options:

1) is that it will be sent to all the users
2) do it will be sent to specific users and be used to specify these particular group of people
3) upload a csv file

Festivals/Occasions greetings

A date can be selected and then the greeting can be drafted to wish users on festivals.

Festival gifts are like instant gifts only differences it can be set to be sent on a particular date. The super admin who will be creating it will be selecting a date then creating an event specify if there are any points associated to it. Gifts which already predefined for a particular date can be seen in a calendar just like the list of events on a particular day.

How to send a greeting?

To greet on special occasions, learn how to send instant and festival gifts.

  1. Click on SEND GIFT on an instant gift.
  2. Select users from the available options. (upload a csv, select specified users, select all)
  3. Confirm the reduction from the budget and click CONFIRM.


Edit gifting templates

If you wish to edit fields in the gifts, click on ⋮ on the particular gift and select Edit. Already sent gifts are not affected.

Deactivate or delete gifts

If you wish to deactivate an automated gift, click on ⋮ on the particular gift and select Deactivate. You can activate the same gift later by clicking on Activate.

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