Template management

All data for users and products for a campaign to run is set up in this section. Compass provides support to the admin for this activity. This section would become UI driven in the upcoming releases.

Master Management

The data related to a product/ partner can be integrated with primary data of the product/ partner to view relationships and perform calculations. This additional data is imported on the platform using Master Management. The data that needs to be uploaded must be in CSV format.

Partner Management

After company account creation, user data can be imported here for onboarding. This section can be utilized for bulk upload of user data.

Schema Management

Structure for all data that needs to be uploaded by the admin (master/ partner data) can be defined here. This schema is set up by the Compass Team

View Management

All master and partner data imported on the platform can be viewed by setting up the schema in this section. The data is collated using database joins with the objective to obtain relationship based information. This information is filtered and used as input to create campaigns and calculate incentives as required.

Event Template

Schema for all data that is uploaded in the Transaction Files can be defined in this section. This is the type of information that is generated after certain operations have occurred. For instance, the sales transaction data is generated once a campaign has been triggered.

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