A program is mandatory to be created for creating new games/ campaigns. Once the program is created it can be opened to create new campaigns. A program can host multiple campaigns.

Only the Brand Super Admin, Brand Admin and Partner Admin can access this feature. A program cannot be created by a Partner User or Brand User.


  • Brand Super Admin, Brand Admin and Partner Admin would be referred to as Admins
  • Partner User and Brand User would be referred to as Users

View Programs

Programs cannot be edited or deleted. Here is how to create a program:

  1. Select Programs on the left panel. Click on View Programs
  2. All the existing active programs are listed here in increasing order of End date and a button ‘Add Program’ on top. This page also contains a Search bar to look up these programs
  3. Click on ‘Add Program’ to create a new program
  4. The mandatory fields are program name, description, duration of the campaign and points type. After filling them up click Next
  5. Choose if you want to add an approver for the program or not. Click Finish button


End date of any program cannot be any later than the current date. However, the start date can be selected prior to the current date.

This program will now show in the list of existing programs. The View button towards the right of each program can be clicked to view details of the program and create campaigns.

Hovering over the status of a program would show the View button. Click on it to create a new campaign or view existing campaigns in this program. Search button is available to support the view.

Create a Campaign

For a given program, click on View icon in the Status Column

  1. Click on Add Campaign.
  2. Campaign Details: Add the following details and click Next
    • Campaign Name
    • Campaign Description
    • Award Recurrence
    • Campaign Validity: Calendar would display available dates with respect to the validity of the Program. End date of any campaign cannot be any later than the current date.
    • Flyer Logo
  3. Participants: Select participants for the campaign using filters and conditions. Multiple conditions can be applied for the selection at the same time. Click Next.
  4. Campaign Filters: Data from the Event Template appears here. Data relevant to the campaign can be selected from the drop down. Event Type is also selected in this section. Click Next.
  5. Milestone & Rewards: Targets and Rewards are defined here. Milestones can be added by clicking on ‘+ADD MILESTONES’ on the bottom.

This is where the configuration for the milestone game is done. The option to make payouts is also offered in this section.

       6. Dashboard Configuration: Visualizations and Leaderboard appear here.


Visualizations: 4 widgets are available for visualizing custom reports. Multiple widgets can be configured for a given campaign

Leaderboard displays the top players of the milestone game in increasing order of their rank. Users can be incentivized based on their rank in a campaign.



Calculated Incentive: A list containing respective details of all users who’re eligible for incentives gets updated here as soon as a campaign gets over. The incentives that users are eligible for are also displayed.

Approvals: Incentives for all users are approved in this section. A similar list as above appears here. Details of users relevant to an admin appear here.

Approved Incentives and Balance: Approved incentives can be less than or equal to the incentive a user is eligible for. A consolidated list of approved incentives with user details is displayed in this section.

Payout Details: The data uploaded in the Partner Payout Section appears here.

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