Gift Cards/E-Gift Cards/Gift Vouchers once ordered and delivered cannot be cancelled.

Xoxo points:

In case of Xoxo points, the delivery of the points happen when you have completed your payment. On rare cases, your Xoxo points delivery can fail. In that case, you must contact your Sales POC who will help you in getting the points delivered to your account.

In case of physical order of goods, the delivery may get delayed due to logistic issues. We usually try to deliver the goods thrice at the address made available to us. If the same still do not get delivered and goods are returned back to us, we provide a credit note against the same.


You cannot cancel an experience after a booking confirmation is received from Xoxoday. Any modification in the booking will be at the service provider's discretion. Please drop a mail to for any rescheduling/cancelling changes.

You would be able to change the experience before a confirm is received. Currently, this feature isn't available online. Please contact us at to help you guide through the process.

But once you receive the confirmation of your booking, any modifications will be at the service provider's discretion.

Cancellation charges are dependent cancellation policy of the experience. It is mentioned while booking the experience.

The amount will be refunded to your account without any cancellations, if the experience is not available.

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