Brand Restriction

Account KYC

When a new business account is created, all the brands are not live immediately. Brands like Amazon, Flipkart require a separate KYC to be completed to enable it on the respective business account store.

Below are the details required to help to complete the KYC with respective brands. e.g. Amazon, Flipkart.

  1. Company Name
  2. Company incorporation/registration certificate
  3. Company PAN card or Sales and IT returns or GST certificate
  4. Business Model Brief
  5. Address Proof
  6. Purpose of buying vouchers.
  7. Annual potential.
  8. Billing Address
  9. GST No
  10. Account POC Name
  11. Account Holder POC Phone No
  12. Base Currency
  13. Below mentioned matter as declaration in your company letter head with seal and signature.



We <insert company name> having a registered office at <insert office address> are in the business of <insert business description>. We wish to procure <brand name> Gift Cards for the purpose of <insert detailed description of the purpose of purchase e.g. for incentivizing our channel partners for over achieving the sale targets. The purpose should clearly state the beneficiaries and the purpose for which they are being gratified>.

We hereby undertake that we will use Gift Cards only for the purpose stated above. We further undertake that (a) we will not engage in further resale of <brand name> Gift Cards (b) <brand name> Gift Cards will be distributed to the end beneficiaries who will login to <brand name> individually to claim and redeem their Gift Cards. We will not place central orders on behalf of end beneficiaries.”

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