Platform Settings

General Settings

You can Customise settings for your Business Account in the Dashboard. Some are fixed (added at time of account creation), others can be changed as and when required.

Details which cannot be changed DIY after Account creation:

  • Currency & Timezone
  • Legal & Billing Details

Additionally, there are white label settings which will help you change the look and feel of Storefront & Communication. 



URL of Storefront

If you have Xoxo Points or Xoxo Codes enabled in your account, you will be allowed to set a unique url key for your customers/employees for landing. This storefront will be customised as per your Whitelabel Settings. This can be set only once.


Company Name in Communication

As most of the Companies have different Legal Name (e.g.Nreach Online Services Pvt. Ltd.) than the actual Brand Name (Xoxoday), you are most likely to communicate to Customers/Employees in with Brand Name. This field helps to overwrite Legal Name in communication (only). Invoices will still be raised in Legal Name/Details.


Rewards Title

Here comes the Interesting Piece. Want to call your rewards Coins, Tokins, Stars or something else with your Brand Name. Update it here and it will reflect everywhere.


Payment Method

By default, a user will be able to make Part Payment (if required) using his/her personal CC/DC/Bank Account after reducing amount by available Codes/Points. If you don't want to show this option, turn it off here. Note that once Payment Gateway is turned off, customer will not be able to complete purchase if short of Points/Codes value.



Turning this off will hide all Links in Footer.



This is where you can update Logo and Colours of Storefront.



Custom Logo

  • Select a Transparent Logo File (max size 250 x 250 px)
  • Upload it to Platform & Save it.

Your logo will be displayed on the top left corner of your website and in all emails.

To see Preview, you can switch to Storefront and See how they Appear.




Select any one of the four pre-defined themes, and save the settings. You can preview colours either by switching back to storefront or before saving the settings.



Customize Communication



Support Email

All business accounts are backed up by Free Support provided by Xoxoday exceptional Customer Support team. We will help to resolve any issues faced by your Customers/Employees during redemption. In case, your business want to provide this support directly, you can update the Support E-mail/Phone to be shown on website.


Sender Name in Email

Any notifications (Points Update, Redemption, Delivery etc.) by default contains XoxoEngage as sender name. If you want to change it, update here.


Email Footer

This can be customised as per your needs. You can add a disclaimer, social media links, help/support details in here for communication.


Storefront Settings

You can choose to restrict what your consumers/employees can choose to redeem their reward points.

  • Go to Campign in the main left menu.
  • Click on  on the Default campaign name.


  • Select the categories you would allow. Click on Customise to create the allowed product list.


  • Select/Deselect categories, countries, price limit, brands, experience packages, perks etc. and click on Save.


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