Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard of a Plum Business Account is managed by the Super Admin. Various features, benefits, processes are explained in detail.

Sign Up

Signing up for a Business Account requires companies to fulfil certain criteria. Reach out to one of our Sales Representative either directly via or Book a Demo with us. You will be contacted within 48 hours and based on your requirements, our sales POC would guide you on what rewarding channels are best suited for your needs and then activate the account.

Below are the Mandatory fields to create a plum account

  • Company Name
  • Client POC Name and Email Id
  • Address Details
  • Contact Number
  • GST Number.

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There are three types of users who can log in to Xoxoxday Plum:

  1. Consumer for Stores which can be Either Linked to a Company or Guest Users.
  2. Administrators for Business Accounts (by Default, these are also users).
  3. Consumers for Stores Logging In from 3rd Party Partnerships & Integrations.

Direct login is not possible for consumers logging in from 3rd party partnerships & integration. They can login from their respective sources.

Log Into Account

  • Go to Stores Homepage:
  • Enter your registered email ID and click to Verify Email.
  • Based on the login type linked to the email ID provided, you will be redirected to respective sign-in authority. e.g. Google SSO Login.
  • If the email ID is not linked to any SSO Login, verifying email prompts for the password to the account.
  • Enter your password and click on to Login.


Any guest users with a valid Xoxo Code need not have login credentials. During the check out, continue as guest user and redeem the Xoxo Code.

Forgot Password

  • If you do not remember the password login, enter your registered email ID and click to Forgot password.
  • Reset password link is sent to the email ID provided. Click on the Link and Set a Password.
  • You will now be able to Login to the portal with a new password.



First-time users

  • Go to, click to the login page and select sign up and this opens the Sign-up form as below.
  • Enter the Required Information, such as your Name, Email ID, select your country to enter your phone number and Enter your password you will receive an OTP to verify and you will be successfully signed up.


Switching b/w Admin Dashboard & Storefront

  • If you are an admin of a Business Account and browsing the storefront, select your profile at the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on Switch to Admin to switch to the admin dashboard.


  • If you are handling the admin dashboard, click on the logo at the top right corner of the page to toggle to the storefront.


SSO Logins

Various Login methods are possible in Xoxoday Plum. Contact us at to know more.

What type of SSO integrations are supported?
Xoxoday supports SAML 2.0 based SSO login integration. The password-based login is offered as a default login method. Oauth based login is a part of the product roadmap, expected to made available in later part of Q2, 2020.

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