Onboarding Videos - Empuls

1. Sign-up into the Empuls platform

Signup to Empuls by creating an account at login.xoxoday.com.

2. Account Set up, Admin Functionalities and Leaderboard settings

Set up your platform, access controls, business information, points administration. Set up company wide leaderboard and manage users.

3. Engagement, Communication and Collaboration

Start engaging and connect with your employees using groups, feeds, conversations, announcements, greetings and collaborate to increase motivation and communication.

4. Value Cards, Gifts & Greetings

Set up your orgaizational values and value cards and start appreciating peers. Automate birthday, anniversary greetings. Set up instant awards for any occassion like marriage, diwali, christmas etc.

5. Awards

Define the Awards to be given to your employees. Nomination, Jury, Restricted, Unrestricted etc- set up any complex awards which seem fit for your company. Start sending those nominations!

6. Redemption, Benefits/Savings & Others

Give your employees plethora of options to choose from to redeem their earned reward points. Look out for latest deals and discounts to offer savings/benefits exclusively available on Plum stores.

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