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Traditionally, Plum Storefront is built to cater as a rewarding platform for employees. But to help improve the rewarding user journey for consumer promotion and market research companies, Link Based Redemption is introduced.

One-click redemption, Instant Gratification & increase conversions

A unique link is generated for Each Reward. A link has an internal memory of

 Amount to Reward.  Options are Available for Redemption.

  • Dynamic UI based on redemption options.
  • Collection of personal information (optional).

Click Link -> Select Reward -> Delivery


Xoxo Link Redemption Journey

1.Initiation Receive a Link or QR Code.

2.Selection All Brands Listed on the Same Page without Friction of Categories or Checkout Process. Single Click & receive the vouchers.

3.Delivery Voucher Shown on Screen Itself, with an option to email/SMS Delivery.


Benefits of Xoxo Links

  • Customer Journey Experience inside self App/Website ecosystem.
  • Seamless journey without knowing about third party.
  • Simple Ui
  • Personal Information of User is optional: voucher details remain persistent on Link to refer back
  • On-redemption model: Unclaimed rewards are between 10%(Employee Incentives) to 90% (FMCG promotions). Pay for the rewards on-redemption with a small upfront fee.
  • Reduce the hassle of contacting multiple vendors for rewards. Select from the innumerous options available. Additional rewards can be procured on request by our Global partners.
  • Rewarding through multiple channels without knowing end user details.
    • Email
    • SMS
    • QR code( No details required)



How to create a campaign?

  • Go to Campaign under the main menu.
  • At the top right corner, click on Create on Campaign.
  • Click on Create under One-Click Campaign.



  • Enter a Campaign name for your reference. Eg: New Product Campaign, July promotions etc.
  • Select a country (India, USA, etc) and the denomination of the products in the selected campaign.
  • The catalogue options for the selected country and denomination appears. Select the brands of your choice. (up to 10)


  • After the catalogue selection, proceed to select a background for your link. Select a color of your choice and preview the appearance of the link.
  • Click on Create after selecting the background.




How to use the Xoxo link campaigns?

  • Go to Xoxo Links on the main menu.
  • Select a campaign from the available campaigns or create a new campaign by clicking on Create New Campaign under the campaign drop-down menu.
  • Choose an Authentication method during the user redemption.
  • Proceed to generate links by clicking on Add Recipients.


  • Enter the number of links you would wish to generate and click on Generate.
  • All the links generated are sent to the admin email ID in a CSV format.
  • Distribute the links to your desired recepients.



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