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An award is a form of recognition that carries an award badge with the option of monetary value and a certificate attached to it. You can give an award to anyone in the organisation - team members, managers, and peers - as a way to recognise their work or attitude (conditioned to the restrictions defined by the super admin). Each award will have a non-negative reward value attached to it (zero or more). These reward values come in the form of ‘Emplus points’ that will be transferred to the account of the award winner. Depending on the budget, awards may vary - with no or a varied denomination of Empuls points.

  • Super admin will be able to set up the Award Names, description, logo, frequency, start and end date as the basic details.
  • Super admin will be able to define the eligibility criteria basis of location, designation, grade, email ids, access role and hierarchy.

  • Super admin will define the operator, metrics, constant, award calculation type and award value/badge.

  • Super admin will define whether an approver is required after the milestones is achieved to trigger the award value/badge. It can be kept automated too. In case an approver is required, the super admin will have to define the approver details.

Creation of Award

Awards are given away as a recognition of the good work, behavior, actions or performance of an individual. These come with awards that may or may not have a reward value. Value badges are examples of awards that may not have a reward value. These can be customized and distributed depending on the nature of appreciation.

Types of Award

The different types of award enable companies to enhance their awarding system. The different kind of awards supported by Empuls:


• Unrestricted Awards -These awards can be given to anyone without any restriction or hierarchy.
• Restricted Awards - These awards can be given to a specific group of people from a specific group of people
• Nomination Awards - These are similar to restriction awards with an approval system.









Unrestricted Awards

These awards can be configured only by filling the Award description form. These awards are generally used to recognize among peers without the hierarchy. All the mandatory fields can be filled and if any mandatory field is missed it will be indicated while you save the award these awards can be given to another peer through the feed.


Restricted Awards

Restriction based awards have a similar award description form like the unrestricted awards the only difference is while the nominator and the nominee have to be selected.



These awards are non-approval based awards where the budget is deducted from the nominator's account. These awards are generally given by the department heads to their reportees or super admins who have a list of users whom they want to give this award to employees from different departments.

Note: While selecting the nominee there are a lot of filters that can be chosen in the specific users subset like email, designation, grade, business unit, department, Access role etc. If you notice next to the filter there is a match type the match type is to select the audience of the filter if it is exactly the value that will be specified or not one of the values that have been specified or one of the values that have been specified.


In the case of selecting the nominator, the same kind of filters are displayed but there is one filter option which is extra which is "Relationship to Nominee". It specifies how is the nominator related to the nominee if he or she is the reporting manager or the L+2 manager or the department head or the hrbp of the employee

Nomination awards

These are similar to restriction based awards the only differences there is the approver at the end of the nomination from whom the budget will be deducted. In which state of a was also that is in award form which has to be filled the nominated has to be selected the nominee has to be selected and at the end, the approver has to be selected these approvers can be from multiple levels but the point to be noted here is is that the budget will be deducted from the final approver.


The way that the approval level works that after the first level of approval approves the nomination in then goes to the second level of approver then to the third level of approver and so on and so forth if in between any of the level of approver rejects the nomination then the whole award will be disqualified for that user

Note - you can also see and the option of AND and OR these options can be used in multiple ways to define your audience in the awarding system for a specific award


AND and logic is used when we have to define the two values are those that have to be agreed while selecting the audience
For example, if we define the nominee as specific users from department sales and marketing it means that all the employees who are from the sales and marketing department both are the nominees for the award similarly if we use and option in the nominator section can be used

OR logic can be used where we have to define the either of the two values have to be agreed while selecting the audience for example in the example taken above where the department is sales and marketing we can use the department as sales or marketing this means that the employees can be either from sales or from marketing

You can also see the video here on Nomination Awards




More features while creating an award

In Empuls we have some additional features while creating the awards. List of additional features by creating an award are as follows:


  • While creating the award you can upload your own custom award icon

  • The what can be given to a single recipient of multi-recipient. The single recipient makes the award as an individual award which means award can be given to only one individual multi recipient will make the award as a team award which means the specified points can be divided among the whole team or send same points to all recipients.

  • Point type can be changed from fixed to range fixed points means the reward points will remain same for the what range point Type means a range of points will be specified and the nominator can give the award between this range.

Note: the range is not applicable for nomination based awards

Advanced settings

Option 1: the award can be given to self.

Option 2: to attach a certificate can be attached to this option where the preview of the certificate can be seen while choosing a certificate.

Option 3: keep the people informed for this award with this option free stakeholders in the dropdown will be informed about the award being given to someone.

Option 4: post the award in a particular group selecting this option will enable the award to be posted in a particular group if a selected this would mean that awards will be given to the individual but no post will be generated on the feed.

Option 5: link award to organization values this basically means while giving award the individual will also be appreciated with the company values or the value cards

Giving Bulk Awards

In large organisations, many awards are given to large groups of people - and individually processing the awards gets tedious. Empuls can help admins or users give ‘bulk awards’ using .CSV upload or multi-line entries.

  1. Click on the Awards menu item in the left menu panel. This opens a drop-down. Select the option Award list from amongst the drop-down options. This selection opens the Awardsform.
  2. Against an award line item, hover over and click on 
  3. Except for Single recipient and Requires no approval awards, all other awards DO NOT have an option for bulk rewarding. (In other words, if the admin wants to initiate bulk awarding, he/she needs to create an award type 1, with a single recipient.)
  4. Click on  to open Send award in bulk page.
  5. Click on the Download sample template’ to download the recommended format of the .csv that needs to be uploaded.
  6. Create a .csv file in the recommended format and upload it using the Browse function at the Add Users Data section.



Award Certificate

To enable businesses to issue certificates on various corporate events like Awards, Recognitions, Works Anniversaries, Training, Business events etc. Here is the list of events the platform supports certificate generation for

  1. Rewards & Recognition
  2. Work Anniversary

This option is available in the advanced settings while creating an award. A sample design is provided to select from. If you choose to have a custom design, please contact the support or implementation team to add custom certificates with required fields like ID, issuer, Award title, recipient, date, presenter etc.

Edit an Award

You can edit awards by clicking on against an award in the Award List menu. However, existing awards & nominations are not affected by the changes.


Enable/Disable an Award

The toggle on/off feature in awards is now available. The admins and managers can now toggle awards on and off with ease.

With due research, we understood that organizations generally have a quarterly rewarding cycle where the action of rewarding/nominating team members is open for a defined period of time.

This really gives the control of rewarding in the super admin’s hands and that is why the latest Empuls update allows super-admins to enable/disable awards for better control.

  • Go to Award List under Awards menu.
  • This opens the award list page with all the awards.
  • Hover over an award status and click on ....
  • Select


Delete an Award

Hover over the award and click on delete option. Existing nominations, budgets are not affected by this.



Video: Awards Setup

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