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Feed Search

The universal search feature in Empuls that has wide-ranging applications in knowledge management within the platform. Users can now search for users, groups, messages, comments and file attachments.

The system auto-suggests user and group results that are closest to the search, to help users quickly find results. Clicking on the Feeds search option in the shortcut menu bar shows the universal search page.


Message searches

Information within a message posted on the feed or in the comments can be searched by entering the relevant keyword into the search bar. All messages and comments in which the keyword occurs will be populated as search results.

File attachment searches

File names of the attachments that are uploaded along with messages or comments can be searched by entering part or full name of the file into the search bar. All attachments that contain the searched keyword in their filename will be populated as search results.




Employee Directory

Clicking on the employee directory icon opens a search bar and the list of all employees in the company. Search for an employee by their name and view their profile details.


Clicking on the notification icon  shows you the list of happenings that could be of significance to you - like a post you were tagged in, approval of a group join request or approval of an award nomination.

• Click Clear All to delete all the notifications in the tab.
• Click Mark All as Read to mark all the notifications as seen.
• Hover over ⋮ in each notification to Mark as Read or Remove.

Channels used to notify a user are: Email Notifications, in-app notifications and Push Notifications in the Mobile App.


Clicking on the celebrations icon :birthday+: shows you the list of upcoming and the day’s celebratory events - like a work anniversary or birthday.


Pending Actions

Clicking on the pending actions icon shows you the list of pending actions from you - like approval of an award nomination, approval of a group join request or fill out a survey.



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