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Check your Engagement Score on your company Leaderboard.

The leaderboard is a ranking system that is based on the Engagement Score earned by the users on the platform. Engagement Score is calculated based on events such as receiving an award, receiving an appreciation, participating in a survey, posting a message and many more as decided by the Admin. Leaderboard ranking is a great way to motivate users to engage more with the platform.

Engagement Score:

  • Engagement Score shall have no monetary value associated with it thus cannot be used to redeem or send rewards and shall be limited to leaderboard only.
  • Engagement Score earned shall remain with the user for his lifetime in the platform.
  • The Engagement Score is earned by the user on events like receiving an award, receiving an appreciation, participating in a survey, posting a message and many more events.

How to view Leaderboard?

  • In the left navigation panel, click on the View Leaderboard under Appreciate main menu option. This will open the leaderboard for your organisation.
  • Below the engagement score description, click on the OVERALL tab to view the organisational usage leaderboard.
  • This leaderboard shows the leaderboard of users who received the highest Engagement Score in your team/organisation.
  • Click on the REWARD RECOGNITION tab to view the rewards and recognition leaderboard.
  • You can also see where you stand in the organization-wide Leaderboard at the bottom of the screen.

View your leaderboard

View your leaderboard


What is an Event?

An event in terms of Leaderboard is an activity that earns the user's engagement score - participating in a survey, posting a message, sending a greeting etc.

Where can I view the leaderboard event list?

On the top of the leaderboard page, click on Know more portion of the text to open the list of triggers/events that define how Engagement Score is calculated.

How can I edit an event Score?

  • To edit the score allocated to various events, double click on the engagement score in the list of events and make necessary changes.
  • You cannot add/delete events to the leaderboard.
  • Only a Super Admin can edit a leaderboard event score.
  • This edit doesn't change previously allocated scores.
  • All future actions for the event will be allocated the Engagement Score.

How can I improve my Engagement Score?

  • Inspire action (Posting interesting messages in a group, being a recipient of a reward/recognition, etc)
  • Helps in achieving program objectives (like Giving an award, approving nominations etc)
  • Build user adoption (Daily login, creation of an active group etc)

Who allocates Engagement Score?

The system allocates Engagement Score to users on completion of activities that are in line with the program objectives.


Engagement Score and Reward Points are different. Reward points are redeemable on whereas Engagement Score is calculated based on participation on the empuls platform.

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