Manage Budgets

What is a Budget?

Budgeting is the process of creating a plan to spend your points reserves which are used for rewarding/awarding. Budgets can be allocated across departments by the super admin. The HR managers (Super admins) can define these budgets as per the size and the requirements of the teams. This process can also be automated.

A Super Admin can create a Budget and can enable access to managers and team leads. A budget can be used only for the purpose that it has been set up for. The number and size of each budget is defined by the super admin.

Create a Budget

1. Click on the Appreciate menu item in the left panel.

2. Click on Manage Budgets.

3. Click on the Create Budget option at the top right corner of the Budgets page.


4. This opens a form where you can update the budget nameselect an award for the budget, enter the budget description and enter the budget validity.

5. Click SUBMIT. A new budget will get created.


Who can create a Budget?

A Super Admin can create any budget. They can also define who all are eligible to create budgets (Managers and Team leads) under Access Control Settings of Awards

Who can allocate points to a Budget?

Generally, Super Admin can allocate points to a Budget.

Share a Budget

This feature allows the super-admin to allocate points to the managers and business unit heads. The user can click on Share Budget icon, select user and enter points to be allocated and click submit.

Who can share a Budget?

Anyone who is eligible to create a budget can share it as well.


  1. Select a Budget to share. Click on Share Budget icon.
  2. Select a user to share. Enter the number of points to be shared.
  3. If you have a handful of users, click on ADD ANOTHER USER and enter the details.
  4. You can share with as many users as you wish. No restriction is placed on sharing the budget.


Bulk share Budget?

  1. Click on ADD USERS IN BULK in the Share Budget page.
  2. Copy the users mail ID and number points to be shared from a csv file.
  3. Click on PROCEED to share the budget.


About Budget

  • You can view Budget Request/Response Logs in the Budgets page. Scroll down the page to view the Logs


  • Click on Linked Awards to link multiple awards to the same budget.


Update a Budget

  1. Click on a budget you wish to update on Manage Budgets page.
  2. Hover over to the field to wish to change and click on .
  3. Update fields and click on :heavy-check-mark+:.


How to request points to allocate?

  1. Click on the Request Funds Top Up icon on a specific Budget.
  2. If this is a general-purpose budget, it directly redirects you to Request for Points page.
  3. Add the member’s email id (Super Admin) and describe why & how many points you want to request.
  4. A request is sent to the Super Admin to allocate the budget.



How to move a budget balance from GPB to another?

  1. Click on the Request Funds Top Up icon on the Budget to which you wish to move the points.
  2. Select Add from General Purpose Budget to move from GPB to another Budget.
  3. Enter the points you want to add to your budget.
  4. Click on ADD to add points to your budget from GPB.

This feature is only available to Super Admins of the platfrom.



Automating a Budget

It gets really cumbersome to distribute points across business units, departments, and teams - at the start of every budgeting period. Aiming to solve this struggle, the automation module helps simplify budget distribution at scale. It helps configure budgeting guidelines - such as the budget frequency, amounts, and budget owners and automate it.

  1. Click on the Appreciate menu item in the left panel.
  2. Click on Manage Budgets.
  3. Click on an active budget that you want to automate.
  4. On the budget description page, click on the ellipsis icon ... on the points description section.

Click on Automate Budget Distribution. This opens the automation dashboard. Click on Create Automation to open the new budget automation page. Fill in the required fields and click CREATE.





How to delete a budget?

  1. An option to delete the budget is available to the creator of the budget.
  2. All points available with the creator/owner and the co-owners of the budget will be retrieved and credited to the Default budget of the creator of the budget.



General Purpose Budget

This is the Default Budget which is auto-created. You can use this budget for rewarding or transfer points to other budgets. Every user on the system has access to their own General purpose budget which has no restrictions on usage.

This budget is linked to all awards by default. There is no validity for general purpose budget and you cannot set a validity either. Other budgets can have validity. You do not have an option to deduct points from the Default budget, however, you can request the pending points/or points which you like to deduct. If you wish to destroy points from the general-purpose budget, go to points administration and destroy points.

Peer to Peer Rewarding budget for all employees

By enabling, Peer to Peer Rewarding option in the Awards & Values under Account Administration, a budget is created in the same name to all employees.

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