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Appreciation in Empuls has a dedicated page with an option in the menu bar. During the process of appreciation, the list of employees closest to the user’s function will be suggested as recipients - making it easier to give value cards and tag organisation values.

Appreciation is a Non-Monetary award which is used to appreciate an employee for their contributions to the workplace. These contain various value cards which are customizable as per organizational values, vision & mission.

The group where the appreciation should be published can be easily defined by the nominee.

Click on the Appreciate menu item in the left menu panel. This opens a dropdown.
Select the option Share Appreciation from amongst the drop-down options. This selection opens the Share Appreciation’ page that lists all the Appreciations done till date.

1.Click  on APPRECIATE at the right corner of the page. This opens up the appreciation form.


2. Select the user/users you want to appreciate. Use the filter to select from a specific set of users. e.g, Department, Location(Sites), Business Units, Designations, People reporting to me and click Apply.

3. Select the value badge by clicking on the  icon. Hover over value badges to view the description.

4. Type a few reasons why do you appreciate.

5. Select the group to post the appreciation and hit APPRECIATE at the bottom right of the page.


6. One can also appreciate a user using feed section of a group ad mentioned in Feeds and Announcements by slect a value badge from the available options on 'badge' icon and selecting a using by @.

Example of an Appreciation


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