Group Settings

Edit Group information

1. Edit group information by hovering over ⋮ to view different edit options.


2. Click on Edit Group to update the group information such as group name, description, privacy settings, join requests, quick addition of users & auto-update group members and hit UPDATE.


Member Permissions

To avoid irrelevant content on groups and communities, admins now have the ability to define content posting rights.

Click on Member Permissions to edit access and nature of conversations. Two options Access Permissions and Nature of Conversations are available. Hover over to the end of the field and click EDIT to update relevant permissions.


By default, all posts & members of any group can be viewed by any user!

Access Permissions

  • Admins of a group can limit a member of a group from posting.
  • Participate in a conversation implies commenting on posts.
  • Start a conversation implies posting various messages in the group
  • Check relevant boxes and click SAVE.


Nature of Conversations (Posts)

  • Admins of a group can limit a member of a group from adding various type of attachments to a post & comments.
  • Check relevant permission boxes and click SAVE.


Leave a group

You can wish to leave a group at any time by clicking on Leave Group after hovering over ⋮ in group information.


Delete a Group

Only a group admin or a super admin can delete a group.

  • Remove all the members of the group.
  • Leave the group as the admin.
  • This will then auto-delete the group.
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