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Groups in Empuls enable the employees of your organization to seamlessly communicate and collaborate. The user can create work groups and interest-based groups. Employees can use these groups to engage in meaningful conversations and manage tasks, documents and issues.

Groups are spaces for users to have conversations with the relevant stakeholders. These conversations can be about a task or a plan for group members to review, send appreciation to colleagues or participate in a poll to know user opinion. The groups can be work-related or interest-based.

Below given are the steps to effectively use the Groups function:

View a Group

On the left side main menu, Connect contain the groups you are a part of. Show moreopens the complete list of groups you are a part of and engaged recently. Clicking on the New group option visible at the end of all recent groups, opens the list of all groups that you are a member of in the View all groups* page.

This displays the common groups, workgroups and interest-based group you are part of, the number of members in the group and whether the group is open or closed. The next tab with the label Other Groups lets you explore all groups you are not a member of. Here you can choose to view each group and join them.

All groups that you recently are a part of.

All groups that you recently are a part of.

View all groups!

View all groups!

View all Groups page

View all Groups page

Create a Group

To create a group, notice the Create Group button on the right side of the View all Groups page.
Click on the Create Group button, add details of the new group that you wish to create.

By default, any active member of the platform can create a group. However, this can be restricted to managers/admins in the Access Control Settings by the Super admin

Open Group

Users can join a group without any approval from the group administrator. Just needs to click the JOIN GROUP button to become a member of a particular group.

Closed Group

Users can join a group only after the joining request is approved by the group admin. Alternatively, the group administrator can add a user to the group as a member.

Choose whether a group is an open or a closed one.

Join Requests: Send group join requests to specific users or users from specific departments, locations etc.

Auto-Update group members: If a group consists of users from specific departments, locations, various reporting levels etc., select the checkbox to auto-update group members in real-time.



Group icon
Select a group icon from the available or upload custom images.



Group limit
There is no limit on how many users can be added in a group.

Who has access to create groups?

By default, anyone can create a group. To change this, go to Groups in Access Control Settings

Group Information

Hover over to the name of the group and click on it to view group information. This opens up group name, description, all members/admins of the group.


ADD MEMBERS, Edit Group & Member Permissions are visible only to admin of the group and Super Admin of the Empuls account. Leave Group is not an option in townhall default group.


If you are not a part of a group, click on JOIN GROUP to receive notifications from the group.


Only a group admin can edit a group & Add new users!

Add members to a Group

  1. Add members to a group by clicking on ADD MEMBERS at the top right corner of the group details.
  2. Select specific users or select from the Quick Addition and click ADD.
  3. Selected users receive an email notification when added in a specific group.


Group Admin Access

  1. Click on ⋮ of user information in a group to Remove from Group or Make Admin of a specific user.
  2. Cannot bulk upload users to a group or bulk select admins of a group.
  3. Creator of a group is the default admin. Only a group admin can make another user an admin of the group.
  4. Only a group admin can tag @group to notify all the users of a group or announcements and edit group information, member access etc. A notification is sent to all the group members when @group is tagged.
  5. If needed, all the group members can be a group admin.

How should we use the @group tag in Empuls messaging?
@group is used to tag the entire group in the message board. @group can be restricted to specific people in the organization. Or it can be open to all.

  1. Give restricted access by default. Run things through command and control. Give limited access to good and bad players alike.
  2. Give unrestricted access by default. Allow self-regulation. Weed out bad players / actors and enable good players to have maximum flexibility.

The choice of the default setting depends on the organization. Our product is built more for where employees are trusted by default to do the right thing and self regulate


Video: Engagement, Communication and Collaboration

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