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Homepage is the default screen of your empuls account. The home page has 3 sections. Section 1 is the left-hand side panel that contains the main menu options, Section 2 in the centre is the content section and Section 3 on the right-hand side houses auxiliary functions like notification, birthday reminders, chat, etc.




The Empuls townhall group is core to engaging an employee with the rest of the organisation. The leaders and managers can use this group to send out important organisational information to employees and get them involved in meaningful conversations.

Townhall is the default group of your company empuls account. All the users of your company account are added by default in the group. You can view the details of the group by clicking on top of the group description. Admins can edit the group information.

Townhall can be used for all the communication, announcements, appreciations and more.

Convey wishes by commenting on the celebrations, onboarding, leaderboard automated messages or create a personal post!!

Feeds and Announcements
Redeem Points
Quick Access Bar

Townhall settings

Users or admins cannot leave or remove members from townhall!

Townhall settings are similar to that of any group. Additionally, content settings are available as this is a default group.



1. Click on Townhall group to view the group information.

2. Click on ⋮ on the top right corner of the townhall information.



3. Click on Content settings. Enable/disable automated birthday, anniversary greetings, onboarding, leaderboard notifications to appear on the default group and click SAVE CHANGES.



Example of an automated message on townhall:



Relevant Conversations

This is a feature, specific to the townhall. Toggle between Conversations relevant to me and All Conversations to show conversations of your preference in the townhall under Showing at the bottom of create post section.

Conversations relevant to me are

  • Feeds and comments that are posted by the user’s subordinates (up to 3 levels), superiors (up to 3 levels), Admins, HRBP, Business Unit head, cost center head, or department peers.
  • Feeds that the user is tagged in.
  • Award feeds in which the user’s subordinates (up to 3 levels), superiors (up to 3 levels), HRBP, Business Unit head, cost center head or department peers are tagged.




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